Just A Shot Away


Welcome to the new home of Bedgood’s Big 12 Bullets! What started as a fun newsletter I did so I could continue writing about college football has turned into so much more. I’ll still be sending the weekly newsletter which will contain exclusive content reserved specifically for subscribers, but I will also be updating this website regularly with other Big 12-centric entertainment.

But this is Bedgood’s Big 12 Bullets, so let me tell you what you can expect in the world’s greatest writing format the incredible < ul >*.

  • Weekly Roundup of the Top Big 12 Stories around the web
  • The Great Brutish Baker-Off, a semi-regular guest column written by Bad Baker Mayfield.
  • Exclusive videos and photos from Big 12 games and events.
  • Pics of Bob Bowlsby.
  • Takes in bullet form.
  • Way less photos of me than you think.
  • More.
  • And more.
  • Also, possibly, more.

So if you haven’t signed up for the newsletter that started it all, do it now! Newsletter subscribers not only get exclusive email-only content, they’ll also get to be part of the most exclusive club of Big 12 fans around.




*< ul > is HTML code to start a bullet-pointed unordered list. Jokes are better when you explain them. #JABWYET

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