The Questions Every Big 12 Head Coach Should Be Asked at Media Days

Media days, as a whole, are not really that exciting. I went to the Big 12 Media Days last year and it was a fun experience, but as a fan who is not actually at the event, they are really not that exciting. You’ll get some interesting quotes, learn a small amount about the plans for the season, and every single Big 12 reporter you follow on Twitter will tweet the exact same thing at the exact same time.

A fun thing about pretty much every press conference is the fact that there’s a small selection of people who ever ask questions. You’ve got the main guys, like Jake Trotter, who get a question or two in. You’ve got the schlubby beat writers from each school that will ask several generic questions. And then you’ll get some overeager student reporter who will try to ask some “controversial” question.

But that’s boring. So I’ll give you one question that each coach will be asked, and then follow that up with the one question each coach should be asked but won’t.

Oklahoma, Lincoln Riley

Will – With Kyler signing a contract with the A’s, are you worried that he will be distracted at all?

Should – Why does Mike Stoops still have a job? Like, he even got a raise. How is this possible?

Oklahoma State, Mike Gundy

Will – You lost Mason Rudolph and James Washington, two of the best offensive players in OSU history. How do you plan on replacing them this season?

Should – How happy are you that Baker Mayfield is no longer in college?

TCU, Gary Patterson

Will – You said the other day that you are very opposed to the new transfer rules that allow players to transfer without their school’s permission. Do you think the new rule will change the way coaches recruit kids?

Should – Boy, that uh, Trevone Boykin guy. Bit a fall from grace. Thoughts?

Baylor, Matt Rhule

Will – Coming off a tough year last year, what are some of the positive things you took from that season that will carry into next season?

Should – Be honest, do you plan to jump ship before or after the NCAA finally sanctions Baylor?

Texas Tech, Kliff Kingsbury

Will – Do you feel like you’re coaching for your job this season?

Should – Seriously, how do you still have your job?

Kansas State, Bill Snyder

Will – What do you think of the new transfer rules that allow a player to transfer without receiving permission from their university, especially considering it was your decision to block a player’s transfer that led to the rule change?

Should – Have you ever considered playing without a quarterback?

Kansas, David Beatty

Will – You’ve won three games in three seasons as head coach, what changes or improvements have you seen in your time at Kansas that gives you confidence that this season will be any different?

Should – You know how Iowa State doesn’t have a baseball team? Has Kansas ever considered doing the same with their football team?

West Virginia, Dana Holgorsen

Will – Will Grier is being touted as a potential Heisman candidate, have you talked to him about managing expectations this season?

Should – Did you know Will Grier’s brother is a famous Vine star? What’s your favorite Vine of all time?

Texas Longhorns, Tom Herman

Will – Who is your quarterback going to be this season?

Should – Are you happy that Jimbo Fischer has replaced you as the most overhyped and overpaid coach in the state of Texas?

Iowa State, Matt Campbell

Will – How do you improve on the unexpected success of last season?

Should – Did you not take the Tennessee job because you felt like it would be a demotion?

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