Is This Dana Holgorsen’s Last Season?

If you believe the preseason pollsters, West Virginia is going to be good this season. They have a veteran QB in Will Grier who is getting some Heisman buzz, they’ve got offensive weapons all over the place, including All-American receiver David Sills V who led the nation in touchdown catches last season.

But I’m not here to talk about that, you can read about how and why West Virginia will be good this season on any college football site. I’m the guy who makes wild predictions in bullet point form.

  • I think this will be Dana Holgorsen’s last season in West Virginia.

Why do I think this? There’s really only two outcomes for Dana and WVU this season: either they live up to expectations or they don’t. I think either one of those outcomes results in Dana leaving. Let me explain.

Dumpster Fire (but in a good way)

This is my favorite picture of all time.
  • In this case there is a dumpster fire because fans are celebrating in Morgantown.
  • Living up to expectations means winning the Big 12 and making the College Football Playoff.
  • At the very least it means making the Big 12 title game.
  • If Dana can get the Mountaineers back to national prominence, he will be hailed as a genius.
  • West Virginia is just anonymous enough that the national perception of Dana wouldn’t be tainted by him having just one 10-win season in the Big 12.
  • People will remember the Orange Bowl victory of 2011, the 10-win 2016 (no one remembers the Russell Athletic Bowl loss) and the 2018 success.
  • Dana will be getting Head Coaching job offers from bigger schools and possibly NFL Offensive Coordinator positions.
  • Dana will absolutely take one of those jobs. He will have accomplished all he could possibly accomplish at WVU and he will be losing his star QB.
  • Dana will leave Morgantown as a guy who coached for eight seasons and led them to pretty decent success in a new and unfamiliar conference.


This is my favorite graph of all time.


Dumpster Fire (but in a bad way)


  • In this case there is a dumpster fire because fans are upset in Morgantown.
  • The worst thing that could happen to West Virginia, stuck out there way up north and east of everyone else in the Big 12, is high expectations.
  • When fans are listing teams they are scared to play this upcoming season they always end up saying, “Oh yeah, and that game in Morgantown could be tricky.”
  • But no one is gearing up for WVU.
  • Except this season they will be.
  • Normally eight wins is enough to get the critics off Dana’s back for another season.
  • But with the high expectations, that’s not the case.
  • If WVU goes 8-5 or worse this season, Dana is gone.
  • That would be his second eight win season to go with three 7-6 seasons and a dismal 4-8 year.
  • Mountaineers fans certainly wouldn’t expect a national title every season or even a New Year’s Six bowl every year, but they definitely would have thought they’d have one conference title in their first seven years in the Big 12.

What I’m saying is that Dana Holgorsen is a Red Bull drinking, sideline-screaming, beautiful maniac that’s become fully woven into Big 12 culture and he may be gone after this season. I have no information to back that up beyond my own thoughts and reasoning. I fully hope Dana is in the conference forever. You need characters like him.

But I’m always right and Dana’s going to be gone.


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