Introducing the Big 12 Bullets Podcast

I’ve got many changes coming for this season that I’m really excited about. The biggest change is the brand new Bedgood’s Big 12 Bullets podcast! Just approved by the iTunes store, you can listen to me talk about the Big 12 after reading my thoughts on the Big 12, what could be better?

Each week, I’ll send the Big 12 Bullets email and include the podcast as part of it. The email will just be in bullet form, instead of featuring a several paragraph intro like they have in the past. The podcast will consist of the same style of material that typically was in those intros, but in a more expanded format. I’ll also be interviewing people from the Big 12 world as part of the podcast. I also hope to make some videos during the year, which I will link to in the emails as well.

This week’s episode is a season preview in which I rank each team in the Big 12. Check it out and let me know your thoughts!

But I want to hear from you! What kind of content would you like to hear on the podcast? Who are some guests I should try to interview? What are some ways you think I can help get the word out about the newsletter and the podcast?

Thank you all for reading this little newsletter for the last couple of seasons, without your help in getting the word out I’d be sending this things to like 5 people. I’m pumped for another exciting season in the Big 12!

So listen to the first episode and subscribe on Soundcloud or iTunes so you can get updates each time I post a new episode.

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