Game of the Week Episode 1: Baylor’s 61-58 Win Over TCU in 2014


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Welcome to the Big 12 Bullets Game of the Week series brought to you by Revtown. What’s that? Your head’s spinning a little bit. Yes, we have a sponsor. It’s Revtown Jeans, the world’s greatest jeans. I’m wearing some right now. Well, probably not right now, but I’ve definitely been wearing them ever since they sent me some. They’re super comfortable and stylish. If the temperature is below 80 degrees I wear jeans, so you can trust me when it comes to jeans. Revtown is great, and they are sponsoring the Game of the Week series.

The Game of the Week series takes a look at a classic Big 12 win for each team. And by Big 12 win, I mean a win against another Big 12 team so no bowl games or non-conference wins.

We’re starting the Game of the Week series, presented by Revtown, with a game that defined an era of the conference, increased an already intense rivalry, and led to some good, old fashioned campus defacing.

This week’s podcast features Chris Callahan, the former Baylor kicker who made the game winning kick in this game. We had a great conversation about everything from overcoming the yips to one other moment that Chris is still known for.

And this week’s Key Play Breakdown video is about the crazy way Baylor got an extra three points right before halftime. 

Now, onto the game!

  • Date: October 11, 2014
  • Location: McClane Stadium, Waco TX
  • Records: Baylor 5-0, TCU 4-0
  • Rankings: #5 Baylor, #9 TCU
  • Final Score: 61-58 Baylor
  • When you think of a Big 12 game from the 2010s decade, you probably think of this one
  • The score is ingrained in every Big 12 fan’s head
  • As an example of just how high-scoring this was, a few months after this, Baylor and TCU finished regulation of a basketball game tied at 53
  • TCU hadn’t given up 61 points since they gave up 74 to Texas A&M in 1986
  • Weirdly, TCU’s defense had four sacks, nine passes defensed, two forced fumbles, and two interceptions
  • And gave up 61 points
  • I tried to make a gif of all of the points being scored but I had to break it up into five different gifs
  • And then those gifs were too big
  • The first half actually started rather cagey
  • TCU’s defense stopped Baylor a few times
  • This was the first time Baylor had trailed in a game all season
  • But Baylor righted the ship with a spectacular deep ball to KD Cannon
  • Before you could even catch your breath, B.J. Catalon returned the kickoff for a TD
  • That was this game in a nutshell
  • A huge play happened right before halftime
  • You can see the breakdown here on my brand new YouTube channel (like and subscribe!)
  • However, TCU came out of halftime on fire and looked like they were going to blow Baylor out
  • The nail in the coffin should have been a pick six that saw TCU take a 21 point lead with 11:37 to go in the game
  • TCU wouldn’t score again
  • And Baylor, led by QB Bryce Petty, WRs Antwan Goodley, Corey Coleman, KD Cannon, Levi Norwood, Jay Lee, and the pounding running of Shock Linwood would score 24 straight points.
  • With the game tied at 58, they were aided mightily by this pass interference penalty on a third down with 33 seconds to go
  • That would eventually set up the game winning kick by Chris Callahan, who I talked to on the podcast
  • This loss would cost TCU a shot at the College Football Playoff
  • This win should have given Baylor that shot
  • But the Bears rolled into Morgantown the next week and lost 41-27
  • Both Baylor and TCU ended the season tied for the Big 12 title
  • There was no Big 12 Championship Game
  • So the split title gave the College Football Playoff voters a reason not to include either team in the CFP that year
  • This season is seen as the reason that the Big 12 has a championship game despite the fact that there are no divisions
  • However, it wasn’t until 2017 that the championship game was finally created
  • The next season, TCU fans spray painted the RGIII statue on Baylor’s campus purple
  • Which led to Baylor fans tagging TCU’s campus with “61-58”
  • The sour feelings from the 2014 game led into the 2015 game
  • And that’s what we’re focusing on for episode 2 in our Game of the Week series
  • Next week, TCU gets their rain-soaked revenge


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