Game of Week 4: OU’s 2008 Domination of Texas Tech

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Bob Stoops is on the podcast so I don’t know what you’re still doing reading this, go listen to that then come back.

For week 4 of the Bedgood’s Big 12 Bullets Game of the Week presented by Revtown we’re talking about the night Oklahoma reminded everyone that they were Oklahoma. Last week we focused on Tech’s epic 2008 win over Texas. Well now we’re talking about why that game didn’t result in Tech going to the National Championship. It’s because Oklahoma was an absolute machine and had something to prove.

For the Key Play Breakdown, I talk about the play that set off the famous “Jump Around” celebration before halftime. Because, yes, the celebration was on before halftime.

Now, onto the game!

  • Date: November 22, 2008
  • Location: Gaylord Oklahoma Memorial Stadium
  • Records:  Texas Tech 10-0, Oklahoma 9-1
  • Rankings: #2 Texas Tech, #5 Oklahoma
  • Final Score: 65-21 Oklahoma
  • This should have been an epic game
  • Texas Tech, with its best team ever, had just beat #1 Texas and #8 Oklahoma State
  • But then had a bye week
  • They had the Heisman frontrunner in Graham Harrell
  • And one of the best receivers in college football history in Michael Crabtree
  • And a defense that was much improved
  • Oklahoma had lost to Texas, but since then had been shellacking teams
  • They hadn’t scored less than 58 points since October 11
  • 2008 OU set the record for the most points ever scored in a season
  • Here’s some players they had
  • QB Sam Bradford, 2008 Heisman winner, 2010 NFL No.1 Overall Pick
  • DT Gerald McCoy, 2X All-American, 2010 NFL No. 3 Overall Pick, 6X Pro Bowler
  • OL Trent Williams, All-American, 2010 NFL No. 4 Overall Pick, 7X Pro Bowler
  • RB DeMarco Murray, 2014 NFL Rushing Leader and Offensive Player of the Year
  • WR Ryan Broyles, 2X All-American, Set FBS record for career receptions
  • TE Jermaine Gresham, All-American, 2X Pro Bowler
  • And a whole host of other great college players who were decent NFL pros
  • The team was stacked
  • Oklahoma hadn’t lost at home since 2005 against TCU
  • Before the game Stoops was asked why Oklahoma had such a good home record
  • And he infamously said, “I don’t think we’ve ever been known to have an overly raucous crowd.”
  • This, he said on the podcast, was a calculated way of inspiring the crowd
  • It worked
  • Tech experienced the full brunt of the OU offensive machine and the angry crowd
  • Oh and OU actually had a defense back then too
  • It was only 7-0 Oklahoma after the first quarter
  • And Oklahoma stopped scoring with 13:54 left in the fourth quarter
  • So in the span of two quarters Oklahoma scored 58 points
  • Against the defense that bullied Texas three weeks prior
  • I can’t decide what my favorite play is
  • Is it this NSFW juke from Juaquin Iglesias?
  • Or this circuitous run by Murray
  • Or the Travis Lewis interception right before halftime?
  • Murray scored on the next play to make it 42-7, you can see what happened next here
  • And then Leach tried an onside kick to start the second half
  • It did not go well
  • and then some more awesome plays happened
  • This was such a beatdown there’s really no point breaking it down further
  • You should listen to Bob Stoops talk about it
  • As we got into last week, this vaulted OU over Texas in the BCS
  • Meaning OU won the Big 12 South and destroyed Missouri in the Big 12 title game
  • Then they faced Tim Tebow and Florida in the natty
  • The team that scored more points than any other in FCS history was held to 14 points
  • DeMarco Murray was hurt but this was more about the incredible defense Florida had
  • Texas made the natty the next season and lost to Alabama
  • No Big 12 team has won a national championship since 2005
  • Sorry to bring the room down again
  • Here, I know what will cheer everyone up
  • What if we talk about the time that
  • Kansas
  • Beat
  • Texas
  • In
  • Football
  • See you next week!

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