Game of the Week 5: Remember When Kansas Beat Texas at Football?

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Sorry Texas fans, you’re going to want to skip this week. And, honestly, Kansas fans might want to as well because there’s no way to talk about this game without harping on how bad the Jayhawks were.

For week 5 of the Bedgood’s Big 12 Bullets Game of the Week presented by Revtown we’re talking about everyone’s favorite game, the day Kansas beat Texas. And on the podcast I had Kansas QB Carter Stanley. It was a good conversation. He talked about this game and we also got into his last season in Lawrence where he got to play for the Mad Hatter, Les Miles.

For the Key Play Breakdown, I talked about all of the ways Texas lost this game, including a crucial penalty at the end of regulation.

Now, onto the game!

  • Date: November 19, 2016
  • Location: Memorial Stadium, Lawrence, Kansas
  • Records:  Texas 5-5, Kansas 1-9
  • Rankings: LOL
  • Final Score: 24-21 Kansas
  • This is the same season that Texas was back
  • Remember, they beat Notre Dame to start this season
  • Shane Buechele was the next Colt McCoy
  • Texas was not, in fact, back
  • Kansas on the other hand was expected to be bad
  • And they lived up to expectations
  • They were so bad
  • Here are the losing streaks they were on
  • 15-game overall losing streak to start the season (they beat Rhode Island in the first game)
  • 19-game Big 12 losing streak
  • 40-game road losing streak dating back to 2009 that wasn’t broken until 2018!
  • Now, they had shown some signs of life after they named freshman Carter Stanley the starter
  • They’d barely lost to Iowa State the week before
  • But…still
  • Texas gave this game away in so so so many ways
  • It’s almost like they were trying to get Charlie Strong fired
  • However, this was the Longhorns first play
  • And then they started doing things like this
  • Texas turned it over four times in the first half and was only down 10-7 at half time
  • So, if they had a real coaching staff they could have been calmed down and would have come out in the second half and dominated
  • And, actually, they took the lead 14-10
  • But they weren’t even close to being done giving this thing away
  • Despite all this, because Kansas was Kansas, Texas took a 21-10 lead
  • And then Carter Stanley went to work
  • Kansas would get to 21-18 but there was no way they could stop Texas from running down the clock
  • Let’s talk about D’Onta Foreman for a second
  • The man ran the ball 51 times for 250 yards
  • I’m not going to get into the ethics of putting that kind of workload on an unpaid athlete at the position with the shortest NFL career potential
  • Whoops, guess I just did
  • Anyway he fumbled twice, including this critical fumble with less than four minutes to play
  • Wait did I say it was critical?
  • Because it wasn’t
  • Kansas turned it over on downs
  • And Texas got it back
  • Kansas had one timeout
  • Texas had Foreman
  • Texas faced a 4th and 5 with less than a minute to play
  • Kansas now had no timeouts
  • So, let’s think about this for a second
  • Texas needs just one first down to win it
  • Their running back has carried it almost half-a-hundred times
  • The clock is going to stop if they don’t get the first down even if they run it
  • So, maybe a little play action pass?
  • JK Texas gave it to Foreman and he was stopped easily
  • Now Kansas still has a lot of work to do
  • They’ve got the ball on their 28-yard line with no timeouts and a minute to play
  • And they are Kansas
  • So, after a few decent plays, Stanley makes a nifty move in the pocket and throws a short pass to a receiver
  • This was actually a terrible play because the receiver got tackled in bounds with 19 seconds left
  • Kansas was going to have to rush to the line and spike it. They’d maybe have one more play before having to settle for a very long field goal
  • But, remember, Texas really really wanted Kansas to win
  • They got called for a Roughing the Passer penalty, stopping the clock and putting Kansas into FG range.
  • The field goal was good, unlike Texas’ 31 yarder they missed earlier
  • In overtime, Shane Buechele completed the mission to get Charlie Strong fired
  • Kansas made an easy FG in overtime to set off the world’s worst field storming
  • To recap, that’s three INTs, three fumbles, a missed FG, a Turnover on Downs, and a crucial Roughing the Passer
  • Charlie Strong was fired a week later
  • He was hired by South Florida
  • And fired last year
  • Shane Buechele eventually transferred to SMU where he’s a star and on the cover of Dave Campbell’s Texas Football
  • Kansas won one game the next season
  • In one two-week stretch they lost by a combined 88-0
  • Now Les Miles coaches them and they are on the rise
  • Listen to Carter Stanley’s podcast episode to hear all about that
  • Ok, open your eyes Texas fans
  • Because next week, it’s all about you
  • And we’re talking about the one time everyone in the conference was on your side
  • Because it’s “goodbye to A&M”

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