Game of the Week 6: The One Time We All Cheered for the Longhorns

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Hey welcome back Texas fans! This week, we’re all on your side.

For week 6 of the Bedgood’s Big 12 Bullets Game of the Week presented by Revtown we’re talking about the 2011 Texas vs Texas A&M game. Yes, I know Texas has had tons of epic and important games in the Big 12, but this is the only one that ended one of the greatest rivalries in all of sports. I talked to Case McCoy for the podcast. It’s my longest conversation to date and I thought Case gave some amazing insight into his career and the game itself. I didn’t know what to expect with him, but he blew me away.

For the Key Play Breakdown I let Case do the talking. He broke down his iconic run and talked about how his brother inspired him on that play.

Now, onto the game!

  • Date: November 25, 2011
  • Location: Kyle Field, College Station, TX
  • Records:  Texas 6-4, Texas A&M 6-5
  • Rankings: #25 Texas, A&M unranked
  • Final Score: 27-25 Texas
  • This rivalry has featured some epic battles fought between highly ranked teams
  • This wasn’t one of them
  • It was epic, but both teams were struggling this season
  • But as the dumb saying goes, “throw out the record books for this one”
  • This felt like a national championship game for both fanbases
  • I break down on the podcast some of the reasons for Texas A&M leaving for the SEC
  • TAMU blamed Texas and the Longhorn Network for the breakup
  • The Longhorns blamed the Aggies for feeling like the little brother in the relationship
  • Divorces are always messy
  • This game had been played since 1915
  • Texas held a 75-37-5 record against TAMU
  • But A&M had beaten Texas the season before in Austin
  • In fact, A&M had won three of the last five games
  • TAMU was quarterbacked by Ryan Tannehill
  • Who, somehow, went #8 overall in the NFL Draft in 2012
  • Both of these defenses were good, but their offenses were not great
  • Kyle Field was as loud as its ever been for the game
  • And TAMU came out really strong, leading 13-0
  • But there’s always that one play that changes momentum
  • Usually it’s a turnover or a huge mistake
  • How about a muffed punt?
  • And then here’s the very next play by Texas, who had done absolutely nothing on offense up to this point
  • And then here’s TAMU’s very next play
  • But Texas didn’t score from that
  • They tried another WR pass later and it was intercepted
  • TAMU went into halftime up 16-7
  • Oh hey did I say that Tannehill was bad this game?
  • Because he then threw a pick 6 to make it 16-14
  • Later Quandre Diggs would return this punt almost all the way
  • Texas settled for a field goal to take the lead
  • The Longhorns had THREE YARDS OF OFFENSE in the third quarter
  • And still took the lead
  • Eventually Texas would go up 24-16
  • TAMU and Tannehill had been struggling all game long
  • After a field goal made it 24-19, TAMU finally put together a good drive
  • And scored with 1:48 left on this great play by Jeff Fuller
  • TAMU would fail on a two-point try
  • Now it was Case’s turn to be a hero
  • But it didn’t start out that way
  • In fact, Texas was shut down on the first two plays of the series
  • As we’ve seen in a few other games in this series, that’s when the refs got involved
  • This was called a personal foul
  • In 2020, that’s going to be called for helmet-to-helmet contact, but in 2011 this was an incredibly soft penalty
  • Texas got the first down and started moving down the field
  • Then Case McCoy decided it was time to cement his status as a folk hero
  • Case broke this play down in detail for us on the podcast
  • Let’s talk about Justin Tucker for a second
  • He’s the most accurate kicker in NFL history
  • He sings opera (no, seriously)
  • He dances
  • And he’s hilarious
  • And he’s got ice water in his veins
  • So there was no way he was going to miss this kick
  • And then his teammates almost ruined his future career as the NFL’s best kicker and a potential Hall of Famer by dragging him down from behind and jumping on him in the celebration
  • But it was all worth it
  • Texas A&M could not talk endless smack about beating Texas in their last game
  • And, for that, the entire Big 12 conference is eternally grateful
  • Of course, the next season TAMU had Johnny Manziel and should have won a national championship if they hadn’t started their season against Florida
  • Neither Texas nor TAMU have won a conference title since A&M’s departure
  • Some of you might be thinking to yourselves
  • “Why hasn’t OU been featured as a loser in any of the games so far?”
  • Well, buckle up buddy
  • Because we’re about to enter into a three-week stretch of only OU losses
  • Starting next week with one of the most painful losses I’ve ever witnessed
  • Yes, we’re talking about the time Bob Stoops decided to punt the ball twice
  • To Tyreek Hill
  • Yes, that Tyreek Hill
  • He’s not our guest but the guest is a pretty big name and a cool guy
  • Unfortunately…I’ll see you next week

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