Game of the Week 7: The Tyreek Hill Punt Return Game

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And so begins three straight weeks of brutal Oklahoma losses. If you are sick of hearing me talk about OU’s wins, then you’ll enjoy the rest of August.

For week 7 of the Bedgood’s Big 12 Bullets Game of the Week presented by Revtown we’re talking about the 2014 Oklahoma State win over Oklahoma in Norman. Yes, this is the Tyreek Hill game. On the podcast I spoke to 2017 Biletnikoff winner James Washington, who was a freshman at the time. Washington would go on to set the record for most receiving yards in OSU history. He talked about teaming up with Mason Rudolph, being an underdog, and just how fast Tyreek Hill is.

For the Key Play Breakdown, I broke down both the key OSU penalty that led to the re-punt and the punt return itself. If you’re unsure of what I’m referring to, read on.

Now, onto the game!

  • Date: December 6, 2014
  • Location: Gaylord Family Memorial Stadium, Norman, OK
  • Records:  Oklahoma State 5-6, Oklahaom 8-3
  • Rankings: N/A OSU, #20 Oklahoma
  • Final Score: Oklahoma State 38-35
  • Ok real quick before we start something needs to be said to underscore just how important this win was
  • But it’s going to sting a little bit for OSU fans
  • This game has been played each year since 1910
  • Before 2014, Oklahoma State had only eight victories in Norman
  • So, yeah, this was a big win
  • In all, Oklahoma State only had 17 total Bedlam victories
  • And, frankly, for most of this game, it looked like No. 18 was not going to happen
  • OSU had absolutely no business winning this game
  • I’m not going to pack this one full of gifs because the main intrigue of the entire game happened at the end
  • But I’ll summarize what happened before that
  • Oklahoma was not a great team at the time
  • They were quarterbacked by Cody Thomas, perhaps one of the most forgettable QBs in the last 10 years at OU
  • But OU had a dominant running game
  • Samaje Perine had 2 TDs and 151 yards but left the game in the third quarter with a severe ankle sprain
  • At the time, OU was up 28-14
  • The Sooners had maintained a two-touchdown lead for much of the game, but could never pull away from the Cowboys
  • A very strange stat is that Sooners’ fullback Aaron Ripkowski scored two of his three career TDs this game
  • So how did the Cowboys, who had lost five-straight games, stay within striking distance of OU?
  • A then-unknown guy by the name of Mason Rudolph had taken over at QB the week before
  • Rudolph changed the fortunes of OSU
  • Suddenly, OSU had a guy who could distribute the ball to their dynamic offensive weapons like Brandon, Shepherd, James Washington, and Tyreek Hill
  • OSU RB Desmond Roland also contributed two TDs
  • But despite all of that, OSU was not going to win the game
  • Zack Sanchez picked Rudolph off with 3:16 left in the game
  • OU, up by a TD, was going to survive and win another Bedlam game
  • After three unsuccessful plays, OU had to punt with about a minute to go
  • The punt was fair caught by the OSU punt returner
  • That punt returner had never returned a punt for a touchdown
  • That punt returner had one receiving and one rushing TD in his entire FBS career
  • But, you see, his name was Tyreek Hill
  • Hill’s high school 200M time would have been the sixth fastest at the London Olympics
  • You know him now because he’s the fastest player in the NFL
  • He’s Patrick Mahomes’ special weapon for the Kansas City Chiefs
  • His huge catch in the Super Bowl helped the Chiefs come back to win
  • Anyway, an OSU player made a huge mistake on that first punt
  • He ran into the punter and got a penalty
  • If this was deemed roughing the punter the game would be over
  • But the refs said it was running into the punter
  • So Bob Stoops had a choice
  • Do you punt it again and waste a few more second and maybe get OSU pinned a little further back?
  • Or do you just trust that your defense can keep OSU from driving 85 yards down the field in 45 seconds?
  • Well, I’m not an expert, but I think the option where the most dynamic player in all of football doesn’t get the ball again is the right one
  • I love Bob Stoops
  • You all know that
  • But he did not choose the right option here
  • lol
  • And that is when the world learned about Tyreek Hill
  • I can’t use a gif because the play is too long so you’ll have to watch the key play breakdown video for it
  • Hill said tears were flowing down his cheeks as he ran it back
  • OSU would win in OT after a missed FG by OU
  • And as soon as the world learned about Hill
  • He was gone
  • Five days after he became a Cowboy hero he was arrested for viciously assaulting his pregnant girlfriend
  • OSU took swift action, dismissing him the from team imediately
  • He would get three years probation
  • He played the next season at West Alabama
  • And then the Chiefs took a chance on him in the fifth round
  • And he’s become a superstar
  • But he’ll always be remembered by OSU fans for this one play
  • This was, of course, the last time OSU has won a Bedlam game
  • It potentially saved Mike Gundy’s job
  • OSU was bowl-eligible and went on to win the Cactus Bowl over Washington
  • They finished 10-3 for the next three years with Rudolph and Washington leading the offense
  •  You could say this was the game that got Gundy his swagger back
  • The mullet showed up in 2016 and, well, nothing bad has happened to him since
  • Right?
  • Next week we are going to talk about perhaps the greatest upset in the history of the Big 12
  • Or, perhaps the most unexpected win
  • Of course…it’s a massive OU loss
  • And it will feature perhaps the most unexpected guest we’ve ever had

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