Game of the Week 8: The Bachelor’s Sean Lowe on Kansas State’s 2003 Upset of No. 1 OU

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So I was looking over the 2003 Kansas State roster to figure out who I wanted as my guest for this episode of the Game of the Week presented by Revtown and I see the name Sean Lowe. I have never seen an episode of The Bachelor and I couldn’t tell you the name of anyone else who has ever been on that show, except for Season 17’s Sean Lowe. Sean lives in Dallas and I heard Sean on The Ticket one time and I actually really liked the guy. He seemed down to earth and funny. But I had no idea he played football at Kansas State.

So, I saw his name on the 2003 roster and started researching. When I saw it was him, I knew I had to have him as my guest even though he didn’t really play much in the 2003 season. He was my best guest ever. He was funny, self-deprecating, and insightful. Plus, he talked a lot about his defensive coordinator at Kansas State, Bret Bielema. I’ve always loved Coach Bielema, so it was awesome to hear more about him. I’d really encourage you to listen to this episode!

For the Key Play Breakdown, I talk about the big interception that Jason White threw in the endzone when the game was still close

Now, onto the game!

  • Date: December 6, 2003
  • Location: Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, MO
  • Records:  Kansas State 10-3, Oklahoma 12-0
  • Rankings: #15 Kansas State, #1 Oklahoma
  • Final Score: Kansas State 35-7
  • It’s impossible to overstate just how good Oklahoma was thought to be before the game
  • If you rewatch the game you’ll hear it in the way Brent Musburger talks about OU
  • This wasn’t even supposed to be a close game, this was a coronation ceremony
  • And that’s not discounting Kansas State, who was called “the hottest team in the country” by Musburger
  • Oklahoma wasn’t being talked about as the top team in 2003
  • They were being talked about as the best college football team ever assembled
  • They had the top offense and the top defense in the nation
  • They had EIGHT All-Americans
  • Kansas State, to their credit, had three
  • OU QB Jason White won the 2003 Heisman
  • Oklahoma beat #11 Texas 65-13
  • #14 Oklahoma State 52-9
  • and poor, poor Texas A&M by a score of…
  • 77-0
  • Kansas State was 10-3, but those three losses all came in consecutive weeks
  • Including a loss to Marshall
  • On the pod, Sean Lowe talks about the speech that Bret Bielema gave to the team that turned the season around
  • And after the third straight loss, KSU won seven straight games
  • Oklahoma started the game off with a TD and actually ended the first quarter up 7-0
  • Then Darren Sproles, Kansas State’s legendary 5’7″ running back got going
  • KSU is known for running the ball, but QB Ell Roberson had a bunch of big passes like this one
  • Two key elements of upsets are the favored team missing field goals and turning it over
  • Here’s the first part of that
  • OU’s kicker had missed one FG all year
  • and here’s the other part of that
  • OU wouldn’t score the rest of the game
  • KSU was hitting passes like this
  • And Sproles making plays like this
  • And OU kept doing things like missing this chip shot FG
  • The most shocking part of this entire game isn’t that the great OU team lost, it’s that they were dominated
  • But perhaps even more shocking than that is that it didn’t matter to the BCS
  • OU was so good heading into this game that even a 35-7 loss kept them at #1 in the BCS computer rankings
  • However, in the human polls they were #3 behind USC and LSU
  • The way the rankings worked at the time, OU stayed at #1 and played #2 LSU in the title game
  • LSU won 21-14
  • USC meanwhile beat #4 Michigan in the Rose Bowl
  • AP Voters voted USC #1 at the end of the season
  • We really could have used a College Football Playoff that season
  • This is the last season that there were two different National Champions
  • Well…until this upcoming weird season with potentially both a Fall and a Spring champion
  • Again, I really hope you listen to the podcast with Sean Lowe and share with your friends who like The Bachelor or Kansas State or football
  • Next week, we have another OU loss
  • And my guest is a human Swiss Army Knife

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